Bulk Bagels

The general rule is 2 bagels per walk in. Anymore than 2 and I get notice.

Let me break it down for you. I all most feel bad for charging $1.75 per bagel, like it’s robbery or something; BUT that’s what they’re worth ON DEMAND. Once I pull the curtain and flick the OPEN lights on it’s Game Time, and there are a few variables that need mindfulness during Game Time:

  1. I can’t sell all of the bagels in bulk. If I have 3 dozen ready, then I CAN NOT sell a dozen or 33% of the bagels. I am obligated to take care of everyone, especially my loyal everyday customers.

  2. A bagel by itself is $1.75, but the MAIN EVENT is $5.50. That’s a 314% difference there. Add a Small Coffee and it’s $7.75, or 442% difference. Needless to print, but in case you don’t get it, 12 bagels at $1.75 vs 12 bagels at $7.75 is a HUGE difference. Yeah, there’s a business principle behind this scheme.

  3. However, if you give me notice, and I’m not feeding people, I can make crank out some bagels. Alls it takes is a Heads Up.

It’s not that I mind doing work [BELIEVE ME, I’m outworking 95% of yins out there], but without Notice, it’s not viable.

So drop me a line on this site and give me at least 12 hours. Heck, the more notice the better; Don’t be afraid to reach out to me 72 hours in advance.

I appreciate your Cooperation in Advance.